Starapple is a Dutch market leader in the field of specialized IT recruitment. They form the bridge between supply and demand of ambitious IT developers.

Starapple consists of several teams of young, ambitious recruiters and consultants within a competitive company culture.

Case description

A realtime leaderboard that portrays the playful competitiveness of the team, pays hommage to winners and keeps track of revenue and bonuses.


Our client StarApple, the market leader in the Netherlands in IT recruitment, asked us to come up with a creative solution to make the sales team even sharper and more active. They were already using a dashboard that showed live goals and revenue on a big screen. Each time a candidate was placed, a graph changed and a sound played. The sales team didn't get much more enthusiastic about it, to us the question if it could be done differently.




After a few weeks of using the new dashboard in this department, other departments soon came asking when they could start using it. There is a noticeable difference in the enthusiasm among the teams and the drive to get or stay on top. Unfortunately, we cannot share figures in terms of sales.