Thuis Genieten Met Wijn

Thuisgenietenmetwijn (Enjoy wine at home) is a website we created for Delta Wines, the biggest wine importer in the Netherlands. The company sources its wines from all over the world and services retail and wholesalers. With 11 million bottles from 270 different international wine producers in stock, Delta Wines always has the best product to fit your taste.

Thuisgenietenmetwijn is a portal that showcases the different brands Delta Wines has in its product range. The website is focussed on the retail customer and delivers information on the wines and winehouse in an ambience that fits the product. The website is structured this way to have activations and special offers for the end customer on a product level.

Case description

Create a platform to house many winehouses and their products for retail consumer activation.


Delta Wines has a product range of many wines produced by many wine houses. There is a need to activate on a product level for retail customers, like special offers and competitions, within an easy-to-use framework. In the user experience, the product, a certain bottle of wine the customer buys in a store, should be the entry level.


A beautiful website that tells you all you need to know about the wine you just bought: its origin, where to buy, special offers and competitions, what to eat with that wine, and what other wines are available from that same wine house.