Van Nellefabriek - Corporate ID

In 1916 the Van Nelle company, manufacturer of coffee, tea and tobacco, bought a site along the Delfshavense Schie in Rotterdam. Under direction of Cees van der Leeuw The Van Nelle Factory was built here between 1927 and 1930: the first daylight factory in Europe and thus the most modern industrial complex in the Netherlands.

The factory is now considered the most important industrial monument in the Netherlands, recognized worldwide and on the UNESCO World Heritage List since June 2014. No longer a source of coffee, tea and tobacco, The Van Nellefabriek is still characterized by activity and modernity. The complex is now used as an office complex and event location, but above all an inspiring meeting place for creative minds and entrepeneurs, event visitors and architecture enthusiasts all over the world.

Case description

Design a mascot and identity for a supernarket/ souvenir shop in line with the Van Nellefabriek monument.


Create a mascot that will be the face of a new supermarket/ souvenir shop on the premises of the Van Nellefabriek. The mascot and identity should fit within the already present identity of the historical Unesco site.

The mascot will be the face of the shop, but may also be used for other events and activities related to the Van Nellefabriek.

The mascot should inhabit the rich history of the site, but fit within current day wishes and commercial outings. The mascot will be used as a character on several souvenirs, and must have an appeal to national and international tourists.


A range of illustrated mascots for different purposes (branding, souvenirs, media outings) and a Winkeltje-logo. After the success of “Winkeltje”, new products like the Post Office and Business Hub, have received mascot family illustrations depicting these activities.