ilpra Benelux

Ilpra is a specialized manufacturer of packaging machines. The parent company is based in Italy, founded in 1955, but has offices worldwide that operate independently to serve their area. Ilpra Benelux therefore has a team of experienced account managers who solve packaging issues and have their own technical department with service technicians.

Ilpra is a global leader in packaging and packaging machinery for the food industry, non-food and pharmaceutical market.

Case description

The Ilpramonster was created as a joke when samples (in Dutch “samples” are called “monsters”) were handed out during an event. Soon the Monster became a philosophy in the mind of the director of Ilpra Benelux, Luc Timmermans. Many customers see impossibilities in their business processes, like monsters holding back progress. If you overcome these problems, you will have these monsters working on your side


A joke turned into a philosophy. A philosophy turned into branding. The challenge was to develop a monster that fits within the existing brand. A monster that looks like a monster, but at the same time has a friendly appearance. The monster should have the ability to portray abstract concepts as well as real life situations, while supporting the seriousness of the high value brand. The corporate identity of the Ilpra brand is true italian, sleek and serious, focussed on performance machinery.


Ilpra stands out in a competitive world of performance machinery and packaging solutions. The monster provokes engagement of potential customers and helps them to envision the possibilities when you follow the philosophy of embracing your monsters.