ProBeleggen (Professional Investing) supports investors by literally giving them a look into the real portfolios of successful professional investors: real money, realtime data. ProBeleggen offers its members a fair and transparent solution in the form of a subscription. Subscribers have access to professional knowledge without relinquishing control over their own investments. At ProBeleggen you have access to 11 portfolios. You have access to all the information, and use that information for your own investments… or not.

The Pros take you by the hand and are happy to explain how they manage their own portfolio with in depth articles. Members can ask questions to the Pros. In addition to inspiration and investment tips, ProBeleggen stands for education.

Case description

Create a brand, from name to identity and develop the product: a subscription website with realtime professional investment portfolios.


Design a subscription platform for real time professional investment data, from a to z.

Our clients, themselves longtime professional investors with extensive experience in the banking sector and private investing, had an idea. They had a well thought out concept for how the service should operate, and a preference for certain colors to be used in the branding: orange and dark grey blue.


We set up their brand identity and we designed and developed the website and mobile App. Users can subscribe to the website which gives them full access to all the Pros on the platform. We connect to DeGiro to import all financial information from the Pros portfolios to be shared with all registered users. We also added a direct trade button, connected to the Lynx platform. Trade like a Pro thanks to E-heroes!